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Ac Coil Cleaning

Many resort to conventional methods for AC coil cleaning like DIY instead of professional enterprise. Obviously you want to save the money but increasing the lifespan of your AC is more important than once in a year spending. The grass, dust, and debris get stuck in your AC coils and you don’t possess the expertise of evaluating the evaporator but professional coil cleaning services.


Most of us are more accustomed to merely using the products than knowing them. It results in careless usage without taking proper care of them. Consequently, its functioning is compromised. Evaporator coils that work from inside your home/office etc. captures heat which is released outside through condenser coils that are located at the external part of your AC. These coils are so fragile and delicate that you push a little harder and they are damaged. A professional knows how to generate pressure and how much? You can create more harm while fixing the issue.

AC Coil Cleaning Functionality:

Between both of these coils i.e. condenser and evaporator lies a refrigerant. When it’s covered with debris, it’s cooling system is slowed down. If you believe in self help, try to remove and clean the coils yourself, how would you figure out the amount of debris accumulated within? The result is not only decreased functioning ability or higher electricity bills but your compressor might get damaged in the process. Reason is overheating and pressure buildup. When you try to diagnose it’s problems yourself, you can’t assess the damage dirty coils have inflicted on the other parts of the AC.

How an evaporator coil is iced up?

Moisture in the air tends to accumulate on condenser coil and your AC relies on air pressure to dry or dehumidify the moisture buildup. When it doesn’t get enough air due to dirt, debris, grass etc. The water freezes itself on the coil thus creating further problems. Because a frozen buildup can inhibit further the air blowing process therefore more ice and much decreased functioning. Even after you clean up the coils, this icing process doesn’t stop until a professional help is sought.

A quick summary of harms caused by unclean AC coils

  • It’s cooling capacity is compromised therefore increased costs with more energy consumption

  • It hit the heart of your AC. What does that mean? The most expensive part of your system i.e. compressor receives a heavy blow after being heated up as a result of pressure buildup. Servicing cost is just a peanut in comparison to exchanging the compressor.

  • It is frustrating to have dysfunctional AC. What on Earth do you use AC for? Obviously comfort but if it doesn’t provide it anymore then it can take a toll on your mental peace.

So what should you do?

AwelExperts is an established name when it comes to various AC services it provides at premium quality. It includes AC deep cleaning, AC duct cleaning, and not to forget coil cleaning. AwalExperts are unparalleled when it comes to AC duct cleaning and coil cleaning in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all over UAE.

How to identify when you need professional services

If you use AC only in summers than once in a year otherwise twice a year. Mark the dates on the calendar so you may not forget. Also, if it starts giving warning signs then do it before the assigned date.

For instance, an annoying smell or decreased efficiency are obvious indications. Dirty coils are causing a smell in the air it blows that spreads throughout your room. No worries, we are just a call away. Your comfort is our priority.

AC Coil Cleaning