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AC duct cleaning is an important part of most homes’ HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system, but people are still unaware of what it means. It includes cleaning different heating and cooling system components, mainly the supply and return air ducts and grills.

If you do not maintain it properly, these components may become contaminated with dust particles and other debris. In the presence of moisture, the chances of microbial growth potentially increase, which will release into the home’s living space with the air. Some of these contaminants are also allergic which can be detrimental to the health especially for people who already have asthma, or other breathing disorders. Uncleaned ducts negatively affect the overall performance of your AC as well. Cleaning becomes an imperative service in such cases.

Signs your AC duct needs cleaning.

Whether your AC is newly fitted or already in use,  a dirty duct is hard to miss. Some of the indicators you need to watch are discussed below:

Improper airflow

An unclean AC duct cause blockage of airflow and reduces the amount of cool air in the space.

Reduced cooling

Duct blockage is among the top reasons you receive warm air even when setting the lowest temperature.

Unusual cooling cycle

An improper frequency in the cooling pattern directly indicates that your AC demands duct cleaning.

Water leakage

If you see water leakage on the walls or in the surrounding area of the AC unit, you may need to call the AC duct cleaners.

Increased humidity level

As the AC unit also works for dehumidification, its malfunctioning can increase the humidity level in the atmosphere.

Bad odor

If you face a bad odour issue, you need an AC duct cleaning service to rectify that foul smell.

Benefits of duct cleaning?

Why do you need to clean the duct? Here are the reasons:

Proper airflow efficiency

A clean AC duct eliminates the dirt, which significantly maintains airflow effectiveness in your room.

Remove allergens

In a professional cleaning procedure, AC filters are thoroughly cleaned, instantly improving the airflow and quality. It reduces the allergens from the air too.

Remove bad odour

Comprehensive cleaning of the AC duct reduces bad odours and foul smells. In return, you enjoy a pleasant atmosphere.

Clean indoor environment

The professional services will assure you the pure and fresh cold air with reduced humidity and pleasant odour.

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