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    AC Installation

    Are you looking for a reliable service provider for AC Installation in Dubai?

    Awal Experts, as our name suggests, is the most trusted team of maintenance experts in the Emirates offering installation services for all types of AC’s – window, split and central.

    During the scorching summer heat in the Middle East, an air conditioner can be a blessing. If you’re buying a new AC, it needs to be installed with care to prevent any damage or malfunction – as one wrong step could lead to huge losses. Enlisting professionals to install your AC is the smart way to go.

    Heating Services

    AC’s for domestic purposes are usually smaller and compact, while those for commercial use are bigger and more powerful. We extend our services to both domestic and commercial clients based in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Abu Dhabi. We provide emergency services if your AC’s cooling or heating maintenance fails. Our prices are available at the optimal rate of 99 AED.

    Air Conditioner Installation Basics

    AC installation needs to be done according to the dimensions of the area to which it is being installed. A larger air conditioner is generally costlier and less comfortable in a small space, whilst a small one will not be of much use to you.

    Window & Through-the-Wall Air Conditioners

    • Caulking
    • Chemical Cleansing
    • All types of AC Installation
    • Removal of used AC from the window/Wall
    • Regular Triangle and custom bracket; Above the ground
    • Children gate cutting
    • Recycling old AC’s
    • Delivery units
    • Preventive Maintenance
    • Aluminum Bar
    • Installing Plexiglass
    • Installing Foam Boards


    Residential vs Commercial AC Installation

    installed ac unit

    Residential AC Installation

    Commonly used in houses, villas, and apartments, residential air conditioners are smaller in size and have a lower cooling capacity. An indoor AC is usually placed in your basement or closet while an outdoor unit is fixed or mounted onto the side or rear of your house. Residential units require lesser power to mitigate exhaust. For an efficient residential AC installation in Dubai, avail AwalExperts services.

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    Commercial AC Installation

    AC’s used in commercial premises are usually larger as it has more cooling power. Their drainage systems involve multiple pipes that ensure complete evaporation. Commercial AC’s – HVAC systems are placed on the rooftop of buildings. These air conditioners require professionals for maintenance and installation as their systems are more complex.