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    AC Maintenance and Repair

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    AC Maintenance and Repair is must service for a place like UAE where temperatures soar above 50 degrees Celsius, owning an air conditioner is mandatory. In addition to just owning one it is vital to maintain and repair your air conditioner regularly in order to improves its lifespan. At AwalExperts, we are proud of our standing as one of the most trusted AC Maintenance and Repair company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all over UAE.

    Considering every AC varies from model to size, the technology adopted in each of them are only supposed to change. You will need professional assistance on these devices to complete any repairs or maintenance. Our team of expert technicians strive to achieve the ideal outcome in each project with a strong focus on detail and effective working process. We extend our repair service to AC’s of all kinds–including but not limited to split, window AC, and central air conditioner units. We offer preventive and annual maintenance packages, so you can easily detect major disorders early and fix minor disorders.

    For your AC to function well, and distribute clean, cool air seamlessly, it needs to undergo routinely cleaning procedures. If you forego AC servicing, it will result in dust and dirt accumulation on the AC filters, and ducts; and consequently, your AC will use a lot more energy to cool the room and give an overall good performance. The most important maintenance procedure involves AC and Ducts Deep Cleaning, Chiller AC Deep Cleaning, Central AC Service, and FCU Deep Cleaning.

    Your AC’s coils collect dirt overtime which reduces airflow and, insulating the coil itself which makes it difficult for it to absorb heat, so AC Coils cleaning is pertinent for your AC system’s performance. Plus, dirt and dirty leaves get stuck on the outside of your AC which have to be removed on priority to preserve system’s capacity.

    Furthermore, our complete range of AC repair and maintenance services also include: Chiller AC Maintenance, Chiller AC Service, Chiller Type FCU Service, Chiller AC Coil Cleaning, Chiller Repairs and Chiller Services. Don’t risk negligence of Chiller Maintenance procedures as any refrigerant leaks can cause an overall reduction in the efficiency and reliability of your device.

    There is a dire need for AC chillers to be cleaned as the water in the HVAC chiller has to be regularly maintained to eliminate bacteria, possible algae growth and corroded materials which can cause future leakage.

    Therefore, you AC needs regular inspection in order for it to continue giving its best performance. Additionally, you need to ensure that your AC system does not go to waste by continuously foregoing its maintenance, because regular check-ups will ultimately help you identity any looming, costly problems that your AC system might have to face otherwise.

    Furthermore, our technical services are not restricted to any one type of AC, but are available for all types and models! Ensure your AC’s successful performance, efficient energy consumption and lower bills with us!

    Our qualified experts use the latest equipment to solve any issue regardless of how complicated it is.

    Tips for AC Maintenance and Repair

    Several AC maintenance’s and repair companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all over UAE tend to flourish, as consumers don’t maintain their air conditioners regularly, causing them to pay excessively thereafter.

    To understand whether the AC needs maintenance, you must check for any leaks and the filter. The problem being, unlike a specialist, amateurs cannot similarly detect problems. Enroll an experienced member from Dubai’s AwalExperts and let us take care of the problems.

    When You Need to Call AwalExperts

    Air Leakage

    Your AC performing low than expected? Air leak in air conditioners can go undetected for a long time and can reduce its cooling.

    Water Leakage

    If there is more water leakage than usual, it could be due to a host of issues such as dirty air filter or faulty installation.

    A Musty Smell in the Air

    Moisture in the filter can give rise to a moldy, musty smell, and requires a replacement of the AC’s filter.

    Improper Cooling

    Issues with the AC compressor can result in a lack of cooling. Replacement of the filter or compressor can solve this problem.

    Irregular Energy Bills

    If your air conditioner has not had any maintenance done in a while, you will notice a spike in your electricity bills.