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    AC Services AwalExperts Dubai

    We are pioneer company in AC Services, providing our services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all over UAE. With the rising temperature, individuals are finding alternative ways to keep themselves cool, and an air conditioner fulfills that purpose. For long-term use, it requires a certain level of service and maintenance to keep it working efficiently. At AwalExperts, we extend AC repair services to homes and offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all over UAE.

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    As regular AC service is mandatory to keep the machine functioning properly. If you notice any issue and are hesitant to address it immediately, you might end up paying a hefty amount to get it fixed. Additionally, it is recommended to get your AC checked. At least once in six months to ward off any problems at the start itself.

    DIY V/S Skilled AC Technicians:

    While DIY seems like a low-cost solution. But without experts it is difficult to determine whether your AC needs a thorough cleaning, repairing, or replacing of components. Our AC experts, at AwalExperts, are well trained to determine all types of AC issues forming a team fully capable of handling them with utter competence. Therefore, our team can guide you on how to routinely check for an AC issues and for which problem you need professional assistance.

    Our certified and qualified AC technicians and experts provide premium standard AC services at highly competitive rates to give you the best return on your investment. Consequently, Our extensive range of AC services encompasses all issues related to your AC unit. From perfect installation and un-installation, spotless cleaning of components and air ducts, unparalleled regular inspection and annual maintenance, vigilant checking of fluids and the airflow to removing, replacing, and repairing minor and major damaged components, we provide the best AC services that you can find in the United Arab Emirates.

    Moreover, from split and window air conditioners to ductless and central AC units, our team of trained AC technicians at AwalExperts can handle all forms of AC maintenance and repair works. If you have any AC problem that needs to be done urgently, we are offering any kind of AC Services. So, contact us on +971-50-225-0234 or request a callback.

    AC services

    • Emergency Service

    • Pressure Water Service

    • Gas Top

    • Electrical Checks

    • Strainers and Drain Cleaning

    • Cleaning


    • Central Air Conditioner
    • Ductless Split Systems
    • Window Air Conditioners
    • Central Air Conditioners
    • Portable Air Conditioners

    Types of Installation

    • Regular Triangle Bracket
    • Raised on Floor
    • Customized Brackets
    • Delivery Units
    • Window and wall Air Conditioners