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    Plumbing Services

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    AwalExperts, a distinguished provider of plumbing services in Dubai and Sharjah. We provide the complete range of solutions for major and minor plumbing issues. Our solutions include installation, repair, and maintenance of taps, dripping faucets, valves, and any form of leaks.

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    Our plumbing services are annual, and they provide preventive maintenance, which involves an inspection of the systems as a precautionary measure from future leaks. We also offer emergency services at affordable prices. We strive for customer satisfaction with the quality and efficiency of our solutions. Our team of skilled technicians in the UAE can speak all the major languages and can solve all your plumbing problems with minimum fuzz.

    So, the next time you notice small leaks in your home or office premises, it is best to contact us and get it fixed before it gets worse, because our team can help maintainefficiency of your building’s plumbing. Do not hesitate to call AwalExperts Dubai or AwalExpert Sharjah to get your plumbing services done.

    Why Choose Us for Your Plumbing Needs

    Complete Range of Plumbing Solutions

    We offer a wide range of plumbing services including toilet repair and unclogging of drainage systems. We serve all over United Arab Emirates but our offices are located in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

    Experienced Technicians

    Our team of professional plumbers are specialized in plumbing repair & installations and have years of experience in the field. Our professional plumbers can assist with all plumbing issues.

    Custom-tailored Services

    We provide customizable plumbing solutions based on your requirements. Call us and enlist any solution, we will come to your assistance and take the problem off your hands and it does not matter where you are located in Dubai, Sharjah or Abu Dhabi.

    Competitive Service Rates

    All our services are of the highest quality and are available for optimal prices. You do not have to worry about burning a hole in your pocket as you avail AwalExperts’ plumbing services with competitive prices throughout United Arab Emirates.

    Common Problems that Affects Your Plumbing System


    Toilets, bath and shower drains tend to get blocked by clogged hair or soap. We can help clear out the clog and clear the blockages.

    Water Leakage

    With time, droplets of leaked water can push your water bill. Prevent such an occurrence by letting us fix your pipe leaks and help you to save your money.


    Iron & steel rust over time, causing leaks or restricted water flow. We can solve the issue and install new galvanized pipes.

    Broken Fixtures

    Parts of the plumbing system that breaks will leak and requires immediate replacement. Our team will inspect the issue and can replace the broken parts with ease.