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    Ac Vent Cleaning

    First of all we need to understand what is the difference between vent and duct cleaning since many people find it highly confusing.

    A vent is an opening that allows something to pass from one space to another, usually from inside something to the open space outside. It can be a slit, or a hole.
    A duct is a tube that can be any shape but is usually round or square and allows a fluid to pass from one place to another while passing through intermediary substances and spaces.

    So the grill/diffuser seen in graphics usually is a vent. And the duct is the tube that we clean through the vacuum and brush system.

    As part of the ac/air ducts cleaning process, we also clean the vents (which is the part seen on the wall called grill/diffuser) The opening end of the air duct is called vent.

    AC Vent Cleaning

    Why Do you need to get AC Vents Cleaned?

    No matter how meticulous you were in getting your HVAC system cleaned with the entire focus being placed on its ducts. However unless you get their opening end cleaned, the entire exercise is merely futile. It’s just like getting your home cleaned while leaving the entrance dirty. We take special care to consider the things that our customer may not. So when we offer duct cleaning we do take care of its opening space i.e. vent. So it may not pollute the ducts again right after they were cleaned.

    Why is AC duct cleaning important in the first place?

    Because they can spread pollutants, germs and debris inside your home through your HVAC system. It can create both health and hygiene problems for you and your loved ones. If you have guests coming they will find dust everywhere on your furnishings. And this polluted air can create coughing and breathing issues for you. So better be vigilant than being lazy.

    Why do you need AwalExperts AC maintenance services for that?

    In a place like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all over UAE where dust is a common occurrence due to its proximity to desert areas. AC maintenance is all the more important. AwalExperts not only provides most premium AC services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all over UAE but it also offers it at very affordable rates. Nothing is more precious than your health and well being so call today to avail our optimal services.