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AC Duct Cleaning At Its Finest – Free 15-30 min Inspection

AC Duct Cleaning is good for your health, that is the reigning declaration of this service’s importance. Although there is stark truth to this well claimed statement, AC duct cleaning, however, is very important for your AC system to keep giving its best performance. In addition to that, how can anyone live with the thought of a possible area where contaminants thrive? Duct cleaning is a necessity, and not just a social or a health obligation. The same way you promptly pay your utility bills, you need to take care of your AC in a similar manner.

What is AC Duct Cleaning?

AC Duct Cleaning mainly refers to the cleaning, disinfection, and fumigation of vents, ducts that are used for supplying air throughout the house. If these components remain contaminated it means that the air in your household is alarmingly dangerous to be breathed in; it may cause countless respiratory diseases, breathing problems and possible allergies.

Process of Ac Duct Cleaning

1. The first step of the AC Duct Cleaning process is covering all the furniture in the room with a plastic sheet to avoid it all getting destroyed with the dust, and dirt that is bound to be prevalent in the air at the time of the cleaning.

2. Then the AC Grills are removed and washed thoroughly to get rid of all the layers of dirt that have been accumulated on them.

3. Using a high power vacuum system, all the inside of the ducts is cleaned.

4. When the ducts have been cleaned antibacterial fumigation spray is sprayed inside the ducts using an ULV Cold Fogger.

That is how you get Ducts that are as good as new, and help in increasing the overall efficiency of the AC system overall. It is an investment in the long run.

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