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Full Duct Disinfection – Duct Cleaning Specialists

Ever heard of air duct disinfection? If not let us tell you about it. As we all know that air conditioning is now a necessary evil in countries like Dubai, surviving without it is difficult. All appliances require some maintenance. Likewise air ducts also demand to be cleaned to provide better service.

Here’s why it is important to get your air ducts cleaned

  • Maintenance of good quality of air is important in the house for living things. Disinfection means the germs are killed and the air coming from air conditioners becomes clean and pure.
  • It also increases the durability and efficiency of the air ducts
  • We all know that summer calls for increased usage of AC so, if ducts are clean it will keep your mind at ease as the air duct won’t get clogged
  • Always consult professionals from a reliable company so the air ducts are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected
  • It saves the living beings in the house from respiratory issues

The process of cleaning and disinfecting air ducts

First of all the sources of contaminations are removed from the surface of air ducts by using brushing or vacuums. Then the system is placed under continuous pressure to prevent the spreading of contaminated particles. The technicians may need to cut holes in the duct to reach the interior of the system, so for proper closing of these holes the cleaning and disinfecting should be done by a cleaning professional. After these steps, disinfectors and deodorizers are applied on the surface of the air ducts. This is done to reduce the contamination and controlling of odors.

Can You Clean AC Ducts Yourself?

Cleaning air ducts is not a do-it-yourself task because it requires special brushes and vacuums which are normally not kept in houses. Therefore, acquiring professional services with teams of skilled technicians is the best option for all consumers.

Is Disinfecting Air Ducts Safe?

Well, safety is the most important factor which should be checked before using any sort of chemicals. The leading AC servicing companies use non-chemical disinfectants for contaminants removal. Briefly put, all the substances and procedures they utilize impose no danger to the health of the people. The safety of disinfecting of air ducts is dependent on the application and the chemicals used, so it is important that before going for disinfection make sure to consult cleaning technician. You are bound to get the best guidance and acquire the best service from a team of professionals.

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