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Pest Control Tricks to Save your Furniture from Harmful Termites in Dubai

Considering weather and geographical conditions, pest control in Dubai is getting increasingly in demand and you have test all Pest Control Tricks & Tips to moving before taking services from a specialist company. Who doesn’t hold their household items closer to heart? Everyone of us has some heirloom kept from their ancestors’ time, or some antique.

Nobody would like to see them destroyed. Especially if you have recently moved to a new place, or got your interior recently done then your first concern would be to protect it from attack by dangerous furniture pests called termites. 

The problem with these tiny creatures is that they don’t make their presence known until a considerable damage is done. They create their own small worlds inside your furniture without you realizing that you aren’t the only creature sitting on your sofa. There are many inside!

Even though professional termite pest control services are mandatory, you can apply some home remedies too in order to decrease the damage. Below are some of these mentioned.

Pest Control Tricks

Pest Control Tricks

Sunlight is most natural remedy 

Moisture is one of the key reasons that your furniture can invite termites to make it their home. Whenever you need to clean your stuff, use dry cloth or a brush instead of a wet one. A weather like that of Dubai causes your furniture to develop more moisture.

So  putting it in Sunlight can be a best remedy. However it cannot solve the issue in a more substantial manner without professional help. After all you cannot put your furniture out in heat everyday,

Some herbs can create protective layer too

Aloevera, Olive oil and vinegar are some of the ingredients that are not only good for cooking or beauty purposes but also to protect your furniture. Take a mixture of either of them and rub or apply evenly all over your furniture item.

It will generate a layer that will add protection to your valuable material.

Your roofs or walls can be culprits

Yes, your own building structures can contain moisture and transfer it to your wooden stuff. So keep an eye that there is no leakage or moisture accumulation in your ceilings or walls.

Regular polishing

Getting your furniture polished on time is not only good for aesthetic purposes but can also liberate you from developing termite problems. 

Borax or pesticides are the final self help resorts

Borax solution is an effective remedy if applied directly into the spots i.e. termites’ tunnels. Pesticides are great as long as you know how to use them. But all these are only Pest Control Tricks but you need a reliable pest control company to control most dangerous pests in Dubai in the most immaculate manner.

Termite pest control can be a big nuisance if it goes unnoticed and spreads its wings. AwalExperts is a prestigious name in the world of Pest control Dubai. We will offer you a thorough inspection before starting the task to give an accurate analysis of damage and exact pricing quote for them.

You can remain stress free after handing over the task of termite pest control to us.

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