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Top Factors while you are getting Water Tank Cleaned

When the water level starts to lower, all the sediment that is lying below the tank starts to pour out through all outlets of the tank which contributes to its yellow and dirty brown colouration. To prevent such a site of running water you need to ensure your water tank’s cleaning is being carried out on a consistent level. Irregular cleaning can give a pungent smell to the water and it can even cause major skin diseases!

Water tank cleaning is a big hassle in Dubai as the level of dust and dirt there is very high which makes the tanks maintenance an absolute necessity. With time, dust, dirt and other sedimentary deposits settle onto the inner surfaces of the tank, contaminating your water entirely, birthing water-borne diseases. Dubai Municipality Guidelines declare a monthly inspection of all water tanks to guarantee a healthy and clean supply of water throughout the house. Now, moving on to the process of cleaning itself:

• First and foremost you have to ensure that the tank is completely clean on the outside as well as the inside.
• The tools you use to carry out the cleaning job must be thoroughly disinfected.
• Sludge pump is used to take out the sludge from the tank.
• High pressure jet cleans out.
• Water tank is drained of all the water by opening all outlets to let the water out to replace all disinfected water with sanitized when the cleaning procedure is complete.
• Once all the water tank is cleaned, it starts distributing sanitized water to the entire household.

It is to be noted that the whole process of water tank cleaning must not be conducted on your own, but expert services should be utilized who will handle the job with great prowess and technicality. There are numerous cleaning services that can be hired, especially in Dubai!

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