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What are the benefits of Annual AC Maintenance Contract in UAE?

What are the benefits of Annual AC Maintenance Contract in UAE

The Air Conditioning System is designed to last up to 15 years. However, you’ll only get optimal performance by doing an Annual AC Maintenance Contract before the hot summer months of UAE kick in. Most cases of air conditioning unit failure can be avoided through regular preventative maintenance. For a small investment, you get both Short and Long-Term Benefits.

Short Term Benefits:

Save Money – Reduce Bills & Repair Costs

Without regular maintenance, AC units gather dust and debris, which makes it work much harder to achieve the same results increasing your energy bills. Cleaner coils provide cooler temperatures and Clean AC filters reduce your energy consumption. Replacing broken and worn out parts before they can damage other components or impede the operation of the unit can save you costly repairs.

Stay Protected Under Warranty:

Without the need for repairs, with a simple Annual AC Maintenance Contract, you can stay protected under the warranty for a longer time.

Convenience, Greater Comfort and Peace of Mind, and Dependability:

Apart from the monetary savings, you will be relaxed knowing that your unit is reliable and will not suddenly breakdown, and if it does, you have already taken care of AC Services. With a Maintenance Contract, you can schedule your appointments ahead of time to avoid any hassle.

Long Term Benefits:

Prolongs the Life of Your System:

Preventative maintenance allows your system to maintain the best performance throughout its long lifecycle.

Better Air Quality Ensures Health Safety:

Outside pollutants can build up to dangerous levels in your home when you neglect regular filter changes. Therefore, promoting cleaner airflow is an important reason to sign up for an Annual AC maintenance Contract.

Help the Environment:

A well-maintained HVAC system consumes less fuel, which is good for the planet.

Familiarity Between Technicians and AC System:

One extra perk of sticking to an Annual Maintenance plan for AC is the fact that you get to know your HVAC professionals and the service technicians become familiar with your system making maintenance and repairing much easier on both parties.

What to Expect During the Maintenance Visit?

During the maintenance visit, the technician will do the following:
• Safety inspection
• Check for wear and tear
• Cleaning of condenser line and lubrication of fans
• Replacement or cleaning of AC filters
• Inspect refrigerant levels and check for leaks
• Testing and calibration
• Make minor adjustments and repairs

For years, AwalExperts has served Sharjah, Ajman, and Dubai. If your unit is due for regular maintenance, we encourage you to contact us today.

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