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Why AC Coil Cleaning is Important 2021 Tips & Guide

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First you need to understand what AC Coil Cleaning are before moving on to the topic of importance of this service. Because people are habitual of not exploring things unless they cause problems. Knowledge is a bliss for a reason.

Know AC Coils Cleaning Before you Go!

Your AC coils are split into two units, i.e. a condenser coil and evaporator coil. The condenser coil is located inside your house and is responsible to absorb heat and release it outside whereas evaporator coil is responsible to release that heat and humidity outside and the refrigerant is running between them both. When your AC coils are covered with dirt and debris, they create an extra layer over them that decreases their functioning. This layer becomes an insulator that increases pressure over your system. Your heating system doesn’t work as effectively as before. Therefore your system has to run longer, give hot air and increase your fuel consumption.

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In short the harms associated with dirty coils are

Increased fuel consumption can result in higher electricity bills and you won’t like to get robbed of money for mere negligence. More pressure generated on your system can cause the breakdown of your HVAC system if the issue is not fixed immediately. So getting AC Coil Cleaning is much less expensive than buying a new HVAC system altogether. Decreased cooling and increased hot air can make you highly uncomfortable and irritated in your living space

How much dirt is needed to impact your HVAC system?

Only a 100th part of an inch long dirt can decrease the efficiency of your system by 5 percent. Which is certainly an appalling figure. As much as the dirt and grime builds up, it’s working is compromised more.

Why AC Coil Cleaning is Important 2021 Tips & Guide

How do AC Coils get dirty in the first place?

The outdoor unit or evaporator coil is exposed to dust blown in the air and it’s natural to cause buildups. Whereas inside your home it can dirt inside or even pet’s hair that get into it and causes decreased functioning.

How often do you require AC coil Cleaning?

It depends how frequently they get dirty. In a place like Dubai, it’s very common to get your coils dirty frequently. Since it is located in proximity to the desert area. Getting AC coils dirty over a shorter span of time is also frequent. Therefore you need to get them cleaned multiple times a year as soon as you sense there is decreased functioning or dirt is accumulated on coils.

Why do you need Professional AC Maintenance Service for a Coil Cleaning?

Because you don’t have enough expertise to carry on the task. You may end up damaging other or more expensive parts in efforts of cleaning the coil. Removing the panel and executing the task yourself might cause you to spend more than getting it professionally done.

Why AwalExperts are the Best for AC Coil Cleaning?

It is not only offering premium services but at much more affordable rates than its competitors. In a place like Dubai frequent AC Coil Cleaning is required and AwalExperts have delivered to the satisfaction of its customers.

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