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Are you living in Dubai?

You must need an electrician at your homes and offices at any time. You may need an electrician to install regular outdoor and indoor lights and chandeliers. You may also need them for installing transformers, switches, and sockets in your home.
Awalexperts have a large team of licensed and experienced electricians skilled enough to take all of your concerns regarding electrical repairs, replacement, and maintenance tasks. No matter the nature of electrical issues and where you live in Dubai, we can fix them faster, inexpensively, and more safely. We are offering our electrical services in residential areas and the commercial. Further, we provide free inspection before offering our full services.

Do not go for DIY!

If you have any issue regarding your electricity work at home and offices, you must consult a licensed electrical technician only. You should never attempt it at home by yourself. It is dangerous as well as escalating the issue. Electrical circuits are not easy to understand and can vary from building to building. We provide the expert electrician and team uses the right tool and is better known for dealing with risky jobs.
Awalexperts is the top electrical company in Dubai, with all licensed and trusted electricians meeting the highest standards. Faulty wiring can even cause a fire that can be way too dangerous. So, it is better to get the assistance of an expert who takes care of you and your home appliances.

Our electrical service ranges

Switch and socket replacement

Dust, overloading, or even corrosion in electrical switches and sockets can create issues. So, you must replace them or replace them promptly to avoid any further danger.

Upgrading electrical system

You must regularly check associated wiring and various parts of the typical household electrical system to upgrade it when needed. It will not only ensure proper working, but also it will remain fit for the purpose.

Voltage fluctuation diagnosis

There can be many reasons why there can be a bad power supply in your home. If you do not diagnose issues on time, it can lead to serious damage to the various electrical appliances at your home.

Inspecting electrical wiring

A regular electrical inspection is helpful in your wiring system. The review is useful in identifying the current working condition of sockets and other electrical appliances.
Safety checks and tripping issues