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Preventive AC Maintenance

As the title of the services explains “Preventive Maintenance” is totally about a healthy and efficient air conditioning system while you are in UAE, where temperatures can soar above 50-degree Celsius during peak summer time. As they say, “prevention is better than cure,” and this saying does hold true when it comes to residential and commercial AC maintenance. You will not want your air conditioner or HVAC system to stop working by the time summer comes arrives. Most cases of air conditioning unit failure can be nipped at its bud through regular preventative maintenance. At AwalExperts, we provide our customers with flexible and affordable preventive plans custom-tailored to their specific requirements.

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Apart from guarding the HVAC system against failure, preventive maintenance can also prove useful in enhancing the reliability and longevity of the equipment. Our team of highly skilled Air Con technicians, service and maintain a wide range of air conditioning equipment including small split system, VRV systems, and water chillers, among others. At Awal Experts, we run a 24/7 reactive service for our customers based in the UAE. We also render our services on an emergency basis and work with 4-hour response time. To schedule an appointment or receive an instant quote against your requirements, call us on +971-50-225-0234; alternatively, you can also write to us on info@awalexperts.com.

Why You Should Opt for Preventive Maintenance

Air conditioners are a piece of equipment that you cannot live without if you have become accustomed to living with it. We all know how uncomfortable it can be when an air conditioning system breaks down within a building. The after-effects can be even more detrimental in the workplace, as it becomes challenging to focus and productivity takes a severe hit. Listed are five key reasons as to why you should perform preventive AC maintenance at least twice a year.

Prolong Your Equipment’s Life

Regular preventive maintenance can help identify certain minor issues early on before they turn into a problem. Not only does it help to ward away AC troubles, it can also help you save money in the long term.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Your air conditioning is prone to accumulate dust and dirt over time and can negatively impact the efficiency of the system. Routine maintenance helps to prevent such accumulation and ensures that the unit is working as efficiently as possible while keeping the running costs to a minimum.

Better Air Quality

Air conditioning units contain air filters that help to clean and purify the air that circulates through its heating and cooling system. It is essential to clean these filters and air ducts at least every six months to minimize potential health risks.