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AC Duct Cleaning Services from AED 99

Irrespective of where you are located within the UAE, Air Conditioners are a necessity in this desert country. Not only does it help you to tackle the hot and humid weather conditions, but it also allows you to enjoy fresh and purified air.

An AC system consists of two main parts – the air duct and the air conditioning unit. Both of these play a key role in maintaining the Indoor Air Quality of your spacing.

Over time, AC ducts tend to accumulate dust and dirt and can become a breeding ground for dew, fungus, bacteria, and other microbes. This can have a severe impact on the health and well-being of its inhabitants. Unclean AC ducts can also affect the overall performance of your Air Conditioner.

For thorough and cost-effective AC duct cleaning in Dubai, contact Awal Experts – the leading building maintenance company in the country. We use anti-bacterial solvents and non-toxic chemicals for duct fumigation and cleaning. Our prices for residential AC duct cleaning ranges from AED 249 to AED 550. Book our AC duct cleaning service today and get free AC Service and Grill Cleaning.

Our AC Duct Cleaning Packages

Studio AED 250

Our professional AC technicians and support staff will clean your AC’s ducts to remove any odor or dust particle present in them.

1 BHK AED 400

Prevent the spread of bacteria and fungus in your 1 BHK apartment by rendering the service of Experts from Awal Experts.

2 BHK AED 550

In order to provide a thorough cleaning, we use specialized equipment and non-toxic anti-microbial chemicals.

3 BHK AED 700

Using toxin free chemicals, we fumigate and clean each of the air conditioners in your 3BHK apartment with ease.

Villa AED 200 per room

No matter the size of your villa, our efficient and punctual staff will wrap up the duct cleaning of your air conditioners in no time.

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Four Reasons Why AC Duct Cleaning is Important

  1. Cleaner AC ducts are directly linked to better Indoor Air Quality. Regular and thorough duct cleaning can help to remove all the dust and contaminants that accumulate over time.
  2. Pollutants such as cigarette smoke and kitchen fumes tend to settle in the AC ducts. If it’s not cleaned regularly, these can get re-circulated in your home and cause severe problems to people who suffer from asthma and allergies.
  3. Regular AC duct cleaning can help to improve temperature control and airflow within the spacing. It can also help to improve the life of the AC system.
  4. A clean AC duct will help to reduce your overall energy bills. Dirt and dust can prevent smooth airflow and cause your AC to strain in order to deliver the same amount of cooling.