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Annual AC Maintenance

A lot of customers wait until they notice a problem with their Air Conditioning system before calling in for professional assistance. On average, a typical AC unit loses about 5% of its operational efficiency each year. When individual segments of an AC system are not working correctly, other sections strain harder to make up for the shortage of power. At Awal Experts, we offer affordable yearly AC maintenance packages to help you get the most out of your assets. Our team is composed of trained professionals who’ll do all that is necessary to keep the AC system working efficiently and in line with manufacturers’ specifications.

Annual AC Maintenance

If maintenance is not done regularly, it can result in an inefficient AC system that draws more electricity and suffers periodic breakdowns. Our technicians are adept at servicing all kinds of air conditioners and split systems of any brand and type. We work by combining quality workmanship with superior product knowledge and low prices. Simply said, a routinely maintained AC unit would undoubtedly outlast a system that is not supported. Contact us on 050-225-0234 or leave us an inquiry and let our team help with your AC related troubles.

AC Parts that Require Timely Maintenance

AC Filters = A dirty air conditioner filter can obstruct airflow within the system and significantly reduce the AC’s operational capacity. Cleaning and replacing your air filter, on time, can help to reduce your overall energy consumption by as much as 15%.

AC Coils = Similar to air filters, condenser and evaporator coils also amass dust and dirt particles. A dirty evaporator coil can curb the coil’s capacity to absorb heat. Condenser coils also need to be cleaned regularly to ensure that the coils are able to transfer heat effectively.

Coil Fins = The fins present on AC coils are prone to arching, which can block airflow. Qualified AC technicians make use of specialized tools to straighten these fins and help them back to their initial state.

Condensate Drains = Choked drain passages can limit the AC’s ability to reduce humidity. As of result of this, the surplus moisture present within the room will discolor the walls, furniture, and carpet.

Refrigerant = A leak can appear in the AC unit if there is a problem with any of the components that handle the refrigerant. If this does occur, all the affected parts need to be repaired or replaced almost immediately to avoid causing permanent damage to the system.

AC Maintenance Checklist

Annual maintenance will help to ensure that your AC system yields maximum productivity. Based on the type of your AC unit, our technicians will execute the following tasks:

  • Remove dust, dirt and other debris from the AC cabinet
  • Check and clean the evaporator and condenser coils
  • Examine fan blades and motor for wear and tear
  • Ensure that the AC has adequate refringent level
  • Check and clear clogged drain openings
  • Clean dirty air filters
  • Examine the duct system for possible leaks
  • Examine and oil the AC motor if required
  • Remove dirt and debris from the blower assembly
  • Examine and clean drain pain, evaporator coil, and condenser drain lines
  • Examine control box, wiring, and associated connections
  • Check for gas leaks in the furnace