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Electrical Services

We here at Awal Experts know how important electricity is to your home or office setting. Not only does it help to keep you warm, but it’s also a necessity for the functioning of electrical apparatuses in your household. A faulty electrical circuit or an incorrectly installed appliance can prove to be dangerous. Our team of electricians specializes in offering a wide range of electrical related services to customers based in the UAE. All of our electricians are qualified and licensed to work in the country.

Electrical Services

Our services range from electrical inspection and installation to maintenance and repair. We also offer 24/7 assistance in case of any electrical emergencies. In short, we have the team and the equipment to take up and complete any electrical project. If you are in search for an electrician in Dubai, hire an expert from Awal Experts today!

Our Range of Electrical Services

Replacing Switches and Sockets

Electrical fittings such as switches, and sockets tend to wear out with time. Dust, corrosion and even overloading can damage these and needs to be replaced promptly to avoid any mishaps.

Diagnosing Voltage Fluctuations

There are a number of reasons that can give rise to bad or uneven power supply in your home. If the problem is not diagnosed in time, it can cause considerable damage to the various electrical appliances that are being used.

Electrical System Upgrade

A typical household electrical system consists of circuitry, fuse board, light fitting, sockets, and switches. These parts and associated wiring need to be checked and upgraded periodically to ensure it remains fit for purpose.

Electrical Wiring Inspection

An electrical inspection can be helpful to identify damage and deterioration in your current wiring system. Although no circuit testing is conducted, the inspection will be helpful in evaluating the condition of your sockets, outlets, and electrical appliances.

Tripping Issues & Safety Checks

Usually, circuit tripping occurs when there is a sudden electrical surge or short circuit in the network. One circuit tripping gives rise to faults in the others and hence needs to be promptly corrected.