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AC Maintenance and Repair

Air conditioners are a necessity in regions with tropical climate such as the UAE. With time, they tend to start having problems and require repair. Regular maintenance, on the hand, would ensure the longevity of the air conditioner. AwalExperts is the most trusted provider of AC maintenance and repair in Dubai.

The technology used in AC’s vary based on their model and sizes. As such, you require professional assistance to complete repair and maintenance on these appliances. Our team of experts in the UAE achieves optimal results with their strong attention to detail and efficient method of work. We extend our services for all sorts of AC’s – including split, window, and central. We offer preventive and annual maintenance packages whereby you can detect major troubles early and fix minor troubles with ease.

Our skilled professionals use the latest equipment by which they can troubleshoot any problem irrespective of its complexity. Our services are affordable and can be availed for prices starting from 99 AED.

  • > Residential AC Installation;
  • > Commercial AC Installation;
  • > AC Unit Electrical Fault Fixing;
  • > Fans & Motor Replacement and Repair;
  • > AC Gas Top Up;
  • > Filter Cleaning;
  • > AC Mold Cleaning.

Tips for AC Maintenance and Repair

Air conditioners require constant maintenance to prevent having to pay a hefty price later. AC repair companies in Dubai flourish due to this reason.

To maintain your AC, you need to check for leaks and the filter. The problem is that our untrained eyes cannot detect issues the same way a specialist would. Enlist an expert from Awal Experts, the most reliable provider of AC Maintenance in Dubai, and let us take care of the troubles.

When You Need to Call Awal Experts

Air Leakage

Air leak in air conditioners can go undetected for a long time and can reduce its cooling.

Water Leakage

If there is more water leakage than usual, it could be due to a host of issues such as dirty air filter or faulty installation.

A Musty Smell in the Air

Moisture in the filter can give rise to a moldy, musty smell, and requires a replacement of the AC’s filter.

Improper Cooling

Issues with the AC compressor can result in a lack of cooling. Replacement of the filter or compressor can solve this problem.

Irregular Energy Bills

If your AC has not had any maintenance done in a while, you will notice a spike in your electricity bills.