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Window AC Repair

Window air conditioners are compact units that are commonly used to cool small rooms or to support cooling in larger spaces. Usually installed in an aperture of a window hole, they cool the room by blowing cold air into the room and simultaneously removing hot air from the spacing.

Being one of the most affordable cooling options in the market today, these types of AC’s commonly used in rented or leased properties. A properly serviced windows units repairing can not only provide efficient cooling but can also help to lower electricity bills drastically.

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If you have an air conditioning unit that is not working correctly or is broken in any way, reach out to us at AwalExperts we can repair the AC unit and connected parts in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner. From clogged air filters and leaking condensers to general wear and tear, our team of experienced AC technicians in Dubai can help you with your air conditioning repair. We stand apart from our competitors due to the superior quality of our service and the unbeatable prices that we offer. Place send a message on our Whatsapp or call on 050-225-0234 to get a custom quote for windows units repairing.

Common Window AC Problems

Water Leakage = This problem occurs when the pan beneath the window unit slopes towards the front of the unit. Although seeing a puddle of water beneath your AC can be alarming, this is a problem that can be easily resolved. Hire an experienced technician from Awal Experts to readjust the pan and direct the water outside.

Inadequate Cooling = Your AC is not providing sufficient cooling? The most common problem that curbs your unit’s operational efficiency is a dirty filter. Simply replacing or cleaning the filter will help to solve this problem almost immediately.

Won’t Turn ON = If your AC does not turn on even when it’s plugged to a power outlet, the problem is most likely with the power cord. Our technicians will check the same using a millimeter, and if the power cord is indeed the cause of the trouble, we’ll replace the cable entirely and instantly restore your AC’s operation.

Unit Cycling On & Off = There are two common causes for such a condition in window units. The most frequently seen case is that the thermostat or temperature sensor is not in the correct position. Simply readjusting the sensor can help to solve this problem. Refrigerant leaks can also give rise to such a problem; this needs to be dealt with almost immediately as it can make the entire system inoperable.