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AC Deep Cleaning

We are well known for this service i.e. AC Deep Cleaning in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all over UAE. There is a proverbial saying that ignorance is a bliss but it’s not a bliss always. When it comes to maintenance of your electrical appliances, your ignorance can cost you hefty amounts. For instance we know how to enjoy the cool breeze of an air conditioner in hot and humid summer afternoons but barely bother to familiarize ourselves with its workings, or when it needs our attention to get it’s issues fixed. AC deep cleaning is a generic term for many but there is a lot more to understand in connection to it than what we vaguely guess.

You are always given an instruction manual after you purchase your AC that makes you think that you can handle it yourself once it starts troubling. However that’s a blunder to think.

Why is AC deep cleaning required?

When you want to build your house you need an architect, when you are not feeling well you visit a doctor but when it comes to your electrical appliances, you depend upon yourself or seek professional help too late? Like everything else they need expert handling too. Your AC holds a pivotal value in providing you comfort from scorching heat outside, especially in hot and humid climatic conditions of Gulf states. So why neglect it and let it suffer?

What disadvantages might you face if you don’t get your AC cleaned on time?

It stinks!

Imagine you are having a guest in your living room and a weird, stinky odor comes your way. You will feel embarrassed for sure. Most of the time you understand, it’s your AC causing it then why not figure out what it needs? Your AC filters get clogged with dust and bacteria that transforms into moulds if the air is moist. You need to get it cleaned every once in a while to ensure clean and refreshing air.

Deep cleaning is cost effective

The more AC filters are clogged with dust and pollen, it becomes harder for it to function at optimal levels as before. It will use more energy for both heating and cooling processes. Therefore increased levels of energy consumption shall cost you more than ever before. Eventually the appliance itself will reduce in functioning and it shall be more expensive to fix the much deep rooted problem if you didn’t catch it on time.

Your and your loved ones’ health is priceless

Once this dust and bacteria begin to accumulate. It may cause health risks for you and your family. In case of a commercial setting, your employees. It can cause fatigue, dizziness or even affect the breathing if not cleaned every once in a while. You won’t like to compromise on the well being of those around and yourself to save the few pennies.

What makes a professional service stands out from a self service

An expert will check the thermostat, refrigerant gas levels to detect any leakage, functioning of internals and ensure that heating and cooling systems are functioning properly. You can only make sure if you cleaned the filters but can never accurately measure the damage inflicted in the meantime. A rational person would prefer to get deep cleaning at least twice a year. Once in a spring, before the start of a summer, once in winter when you might need it for heating purposes.


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